Friday, July 02, 2010

Pamela Geller Pre-order NOW!

I can't wait to get my copy!


Mister Ghost said...

Happy Fourth of July, Donna.
You will likely be on a cruise, having a barbecue and then off to the spa.

I think a lot of the damage Obama has brought forth, can be mitigated by the next President, as long as it's not Palin, whose policies will likely reminds us too much of Bush. Jim Demint would be a good choice, as would Bobby Jindal, doing an amazing job there in Louisiana, dealing with one of the most corrupt states in the Union and Obama's mishandling of the BP crisis.

However, I do agree with Obama on getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan - nation building Islamic countries is impossible, unless you completely restructure their societies, like the Russians and Soviets did in Central Asia.

dcat said...

Happy Birthday USA!

It wasn't 0's idea most of us want to get the Islamic thugs and move on to get more!

I never saw bush shoot and quarter a bull like Palin can! At least Bobby ain't a fucking islamic jackass! I like Bobby and Palin!

dcat said...

A quote from Mike H earlier at our hang out:

A Boisterous Independence Day! One might even say Rowdy Independence Day! ;)

While we are at it let's make this a rowdy Second Amendment Day also!

Obviously without the Second, we wouldn't have been the First(of our kind)! ;)

That is what I have in mind!

Mister Ghost said...

Hello Donna,
Barack is off golfing again, the 8th time since the BP spill. Can't wait until the US is nuked so he can go bungee jumping.

dcat said...

Oh yeah 0 is doing what he was primed to do to the USA! The idiots that voted for him helped and I know I won't forget that!

Most will remain on the shut list right up there with the Islamic morons!