Friday, July 02, 2010

islam...Yep it’s a pattern of theirs!


The dipshits are everywhere!!! They are worse than cockroaches!!!

Muslim father and brother of Harry Potter star charged with threatening to kill her


Run Afshan, dump that pathetic cult and don't look back you don't need them! I left my dysfunctional family and don't have anything to do with any of the religions either! You don't need them you don't need anyone! You have yourself and God! NO ONE ELSE MATTERS take my word!

They are not your family now! Enjoy your new freedom! Enjoy Afshan! :+:


Mike H. said...

The proponents will continue to show how imbecilic the religion is.

One can only believe that they follow Satan (The Accuser), the one who revels in pain and misery and torture.

dcat said...

Mike H,
I hope she has enough to be free of them all including that cult!

I would say come to America however hell we can't even save Rifqa Berry! She is in the hands of Sharia CAIR! :p

Look what happened in Texas with Sarah and Amnia Said! They are dead because of the twisted little dipshit of a so called father!

They became too Westernized so the father has himself a little honor killing.


This is one more convincing little pattern islam showed me!