Monday, July 05, 2010

Independence Day Hypocrites! This is the 5th!

That was yesterday! Yet some hypocrites in our neighborhood still are setting off fireworks! They are far from being Patriotic! I live in a liberal blue state Washington and I call on anyone that voted for such a buffoon a hypocrite destroying America to be celebrating what little we have left, ‘an IDIOT! It’s clear to me that the commander of morons is taking this country down! By the way in the last thread you can see that Mr. Ghost paid me a visit my telling me that 0 played 8 rounds of golf since the oil spill!

I clearly see that the idiots celebrating are on his side! These pathetic little fools have no idea what is going on! No clue what so ever! We are losing our country yet all they can think of is their own selfish little crap life (what is left of it that is!) Nope! They have not one clue!

I just come home from a horrible family issue that needs attention to a pink stain on my deck from their antics and it is all that I can do to keep myself from going postal. But I know I am better then that! They, on the other hand are lower than a slug! I call them the SLIME! The SLIME of America that will be sorry for not paying attention!

By the way neighbors you set one more, firework and I will call 911! It’s illegal you know! This is the 5th of July you hypocrites!


Mike H. said...

I don't know dcat, I like shootin' off fireworks whenever I can afford the ammo. It gives catharsis when needed.

Pow, Bang, Bang! Well we got to go 'lect another one. These shootin' ranges are hard on those candidates dog gone it. ;)

dcat said...

I'm saving my gun powder for bullets! We have the constitution to protect!

Mike H. said...

Did I say I was buying blanks? ;)

dcat said...

Did I say I was buying blanks?

LOL No Mike H. that never crossed my mind. Just making it clear! :D

Mister Ghost said...

Hello Donna,
Here in the People's Republic, people blow off fireworks from April to August, illegal or not, and most of them are Obama voters.

The guy next door used to have a big fireworks show every 4th, with several large rockets landing in our yard, until his wife ran off to a red-headed guy living in a trailer in West Virginia, whom she met online. So, no wife, no keeping up with the mortgage payments, the house was foreclosed and sits abandoned. It used to be a beautiful house, but the bank didn't keep the heat on in the building, so the pipes all froze upstairs and burst, flooding everything and the mold took over.

dcat said...

Oh and don't you know MG that the bank owns it if he left it!

It takes all kinds and I am not one of them!

So don't even try to sweet talk me! My man was not ever able to do that either. We knew each other forever and he is the only one I'll trust on my rope team!

In other words it takes a lot to make my cut! This is not a challenge!

My Files said...

This is the 5th of July you hypocrites!
And how about the other 364 days?

dcat said...

I agree My Files!

I plan to do the same! Fight for freedom that is!