Thursday, June 23, 2011

Terror plot in Seattle with 2 homegrown islamic morons! Could it be because of? Geert Wilders is cleared!

Hurrah!  It isn’t hate when it is the truth!  Read it all “here”

Today in Seattle: "The muslims don’t deserve any apology!"   Yet just today we had a terror threat inSeattle and we have the left apologist codling the muslims like they do all criminals!  Forget about the people working and living by the rules!  Forget about the victims of thugs! 

This is the USA and I have free speech too!  I will not be silent and no one is going to stop the truth now that is going full throttle forward!  It’s up to us to wake up the rest of the apologist for islam!  It does teach violence!  Sure they are quiet and pleasant while plotting that is what the ideology teaches.  When you get enough muslims together you will find out how your freedom is thriving.  It will die and so will you if you don’t conform to the ideology!  It’s in the Koran.  Look what is done in Dearborn Michigan.  islamic muslims tried to man handle some Christians for handing out pamphlets! 

The U.S. law trumps islamic law!  The law finds it’s ok to pass out other then islamic pamphlets.  The islamists were so pissed they were manhandling the Christians!  Telling them they could not be in a public area?  They push you off the sidewalk you drag them to court and file harassment, charges if that happens!   Let our laws handle the maggots!  Our Constitution trumps islam!  So I am really impressed with Europe and having Geert Acquitted!  Ok now America needs to take notes!  Americans will not put up with the islamic muslims bullshit!  They will be under a microscope! 

Make sure if you see something report it!   


Always On Watch said...

The significance of the Wilders' verdict cannot be overemphasized.

Get ready for it: Moslems living in the West will ramp up now. I say, "Bring it on." Let's get this clash of cultures over with.

dcat said...