Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dearborn Michigan is really messed up!

This needs to go viral!  When it was shown two years ago it wasn’t circulated enough!  This year was no better "Watch Video Here" for Christians not even allowed to, have freedom of speech!  Hey somebody remind the apes of the cult islam!  They need to abide by OUR RULES!!!     
See the whole video and witness abuse from the islamic THUGS! 
This needs to stop here in the U.S.A!  They don't like it here or the West they need to get the hell out NOW!

Just for the hell of it I will let you see this from 2010

Most of you know me well.  I am no Bible type person however I do beleive in God and in Jesus Christ.  I won't be going door to door to prove it but I do fight for others on line and against anyone that tries to take OUR U.S. Free Speech down!  So here you have it!  God heard me and on May 26th MY BIRTHDAY read it all  "HERE" for this years out come!

So did you get all that you bone headed islamist! It is our Constitution and you all violated that in Dearborn Michigan! You all need to leave this country because it is so obvious you don’t want to abide by our laws!

Right so take note people "shariah law" shouldn't have never had happened in Dearborn Michigan!  Those people should have had the law on their side not the muslims!!!  WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED THEN?!   "READ MORE HERE"


RG said...

Then we create high walled "reservations" for the liberals who support these barbarians.

dcat said...

How about kicking their asses out of the country for treason!!!

dcat said...

How dare they endanger our way of life!!!