Saturday, May 13, 2006

Trust and Watching Ones Back

You know when I make friends I am usually happy about it and give my all when I see an interest in a friend ship. However recently I have been lead on only to find the truth! In the back of my mind I knew it all along but some how I thought ‘well this person must be sincere because, of their actions toward me. But a gut feeling (my instincts) (spirit guides) kept on telling me other wise.

This has nothing to do with all my new friends on the blog or old friends that I know. It is a rather foreign relation sort of thing. Now I will never trust again! My border is now closed! Don’t tell me about your *^#!ing culture because I don’t give a damn! Why the hell are you here!!! I am an American! Got that! You don't look me in the eye when I look at you tells me not to trust you! That you are full of guilt and that you can't handle it that I am a woman and that I can look you in the eye! I know why you look away it is the guilt by how you treat woman isn't it! I knew it all along!

My will and my instincts come from God and the other side! I will not be swayed or brain washed! You probably already found that out if you are reading this! I am not sympathetic to your radical views and I will never be a part of a crazy ass religion! I know you would have no problem in killing me. Guess what I will take you out and be ready for you when you try! Got that one too!? I am not a sensitive person so don’t try it out! If a person leads me on there is hell to pay and just try to get back into my life! I am not a box of tissue that you can throw away but in doing so you will be at loss not I! Oh one other FYI sort of thingy I know when you are lying to me!

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