Friday, May 19, 2006

Love That Vacation Time

I will enjoy every moment and think of all of you. As I clutch the sand I will realize that time marches on as it sifts through my fingers.

We all need to do something fun everyday. Funny you don’t think of this sort of shit when you are in your 20’s or 30’s! But 50 seem to hit you harder. People think they have forever. But we don’t. Never think about the time we have left just think of the good times to come!

Sure glad I worked out! I will also be enjoying my new body. And I didn’t even need plastic surgery! Eating right and exercise makes a person look younger. I am in my 20’s again!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and find that special fun someone to share it all with before it is too late. You can take them to see the Da Vinci code after all it is only entertainment! Sometimes people just take things to serious. You can’t tell people what to think either so knock it off! Let em think what they want to even though they are all wrong!

Look for the pictures to come in just over a week from now.

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