Friday, March 04, 2005

How to Shape a Country

Well we are still shaping up in the United States so, how can we tell another country how to run affairs?

I would like to give a suggestion instead. Having a religious based country is fine as long as you don’t tell someone to wear a burka that is Christian or Hindu. Religions are ok as long as the laws are to govern the people from crime, taxes…etc. Have a strong leader that is fair to all the people. Make it so it is a crime to harass people of different faiths or background. Put into law a “hate crime”. Then anyone that goes against it can be dealt with.

We, for instance here in the United States, a judge was the victim. It was in Chicago. She came home to find being burglarized by this sophomoric group (they are supposed to be Christens by the way). They stole something very precious from her. It was her family’s lives! It wasn’t done humanely either! Now this law I feel in Iraq that should never go away and that is, beheading! In fact maybe we can use it here for the group of people that did this horrific crime! Our prisons are what, is draining us! As well as all the legal crap even when the evidence points to the fact “yes this person did it”! The appeals are what get us in cost! Rule one no appeals for killers, unless it is for self defense (someone wants to do you harm or take your life)!

Iraq, if you can curb corruption in the court systems, have, people living in peace with all races and religions, then you may be able to show us a thing or two.

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