Monday, March 28, 2005

A Death Sentence

I did think about doing my living will lately and hope no one can over ride it with a blood sucking lawyer. (A thousand curses would follow anyone who would break my request!) Meaning: “they would have a very bad life”!

I would hope my family or husband would sue for my privacy being breached if broadcasted all over the world! Letting everyone know my condition would breach my privacy rights! I don't want to live if it means that kind of quality of life! However starving?!

We are not the subject at hand so I am praying that she isn't suffering. That she is in a state of utopia if you will. This whole thing is horrible!!!

Ok hear this! “If I end up on the news like, the victim we are hearing about and people are fighting to keep me alive..."I don't want to! However give me lots of morphine for any pain I may have!”

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