Thursday, March 31, 2005

Living Will

Rest in, peace Terri S. In my eyes you have suffered more then 13 days!

This sure opened my eyes about my end or how I want to live. I’m hoping my husband and family aren’t going to be, selfish to keep me alive just for the sake of having me around. Especially when I’m brain dead or having no fun! This isn’t living “to me”! I don’t care what all you people want. I am going to decide not you!

Mind you I am talking about me here! You really don’t have to be concerned. I will be working on my living will to make sure I get what I want not my family, husband, or you! I’m a little angry, yes! I will be free to make my choice just like I am now! Now go live life to the fullest and don’t you mess with me!

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