Friday, March 11, 2005

Focus on Middle East Future

I’m going to be positive here. This was all interesting history at Free Iraqi , however it is now in the past and people will slowly put it in the past where it belongs to only learn from it. Democracy will work and the concentration on what is ahead is what is important. Slowly just like everywhere there is evolution in thinking. The people that don’t study the intellectual side will never achieve it. No, matter what you do you will always have criminal minds starving for power. So they will have to be kept in check. I do believe pride of back ground and religion will be part of it all, but to have the intellect to know one is wrong will be a great achievement in educating people to work with each other. Making laws to put the criminals away and move on to a better future, opportunity yes the people will do the rest after that.

As, for communist and socialist they are where they should be! Under a microscope and they know it. Tricky little moves will always bring attention to the intellect to see it happening so they can be put back into their place. Or should I say corner!

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