Thursday, May 24, 2007

See Something Say Something!


Update May 25, 2007: Islamism, not Islam, is the Problem hat tip bg ;)

My name is John Doe! We can all watch and then take them down. Document and have video will travel. Behavioral actions speak very loud! Suspicious people get arrested that is the law! Demand them to be followed and watched!

Let us all ask the question of: “Gee why were you acting nervous and staring at me and looking around as though you were about to do something?”

To the Islamists: "I am offended by your actions." I have a right for my safety to do something about it! No, ‘you are NOT the one in control! Stop trying to manipulate me and my country!” I will make you just as uncomfortable so just go ahead keep it up! You piece of trash!

It is very obvious what these thugs are playing at here!!!

Too many people have been injured by these kinds of actions by real “crazy’s” so I think it is fair to turn people in that appear threatening. It is a scientific study of behavior in Sociology! And yes I will tell it to a judge! Those hoodlums can deny all they want to I will make sure to have a few witnesses and facts! 9-11! So yeah you Arabs Middle Eastern looking types are stuck with that fact! Deal with it!!! Show me if you can to act civil and within our laws without whining about it!

Respect us for what happened during that day of 9-11. BTW (I didn’t hear anything from you people for a sincere regret for this tragedy) so excuse me while I continue to question you! Fool me once shame on YOU it won’t happen again! If it does happen again? You can make sure that you will be hunted!

I would do the same to a white person and I have! This act that I observed was at a mall once! He was white and stalking women. It was so obvious yet everyone around didn’t see! I followed him enough to know what he was up to and even warned a lady I saw him watch going out the door to the parking area. I told her that security will assist if she needs help and that a man was following and stalking women at the mall. At that moment she caught his eye and we both went to the security fellow that had just showed up behind him. He was caught because you see I told security first by going to a store employee and she made the call! Sex offender level 2 soon to be 3! On…ahem “probation”! Yeah in a pigs eye I say!!!

It reminds me when I was in school and the bullies would try to intimidate till the time came for them to carry out their meanness after school or when you would be isolated. Quiet harassment only gave me enough time to prepare and form an alliance to take them over instead! So you see how we have to do this now. ^..^

...and Go get em Fred!

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Joanne said...

Good, you be vigilant dcat; it saves lives.