Sunday, May 06, 2007

France is Seeing the Light!

Nicolas Sarkozy

Well now Yay for Nicolas Sarkozy!

Sit back and watch for youth riots in France. Heh!

Ok click HERE. for the video.

I also noted the part where women will NOT wear burkas!


The Griper said...

sounds as if the French people have found a whole new respect for the United States and President Bush's policy in regards to Islamists.

will be interesting to hear what the liberals reaction will be. btw you might smile at my new post too.

dcat said...

Oh yeah Griper the liberal ass news briefly went to the riots of the youth! Heh!

I’ll be right over!

The Griper said...

i was thinking more along the line of palosi, reid, kerry, etc. when i was talking about liberals in my first post. they are the ones that declared we lost europe's respect.

dcat said...

What do they know anyway?! Not much and I hope that it did open up some eyes over in Europe! They needed to!

Do you think that they will show who the youth rioters are? I bet it won’t be the young poor Islamist fascists! That would like being profiled and would show bigotry!

I say call it like we see it!

Ok, ok maybe a few Islamist fascist sympathizers too!

The Griper said...

oh they may show them but doubt if they will attribute the riots to religious fanaticism. they will probably cite social problems like unemployment, poverty, etc.

you need to remember the almighty dollar and government is the solution to any and every problem in societies for the Liberal.

dcat said...

How true!