Saturday, May 19, 2007

Honor, Killing? Who’s Honor?

Du'a Khalil Aswad's stoning will be avenged MARK MY WORD!!!

Ok so it was the Kurdish! Everyone should work to stop this sort of nonsense!!! Ahem... deep breath... Thanks Mike H. for this link to let me know just who I can blame! I blame everyone that didn't step in!!! Why is this still going on in the world!?! You bet I'm pissed off!!! You should be pissed off as well!

Bringing in more of the same “twisted faith” women police!? Yeah right! Like the male population will let that happen! They are liable to take the women police officer down as well! Do they give her a gun? Or is it going to be something like Barney in Mayberry? Would they give her a gun with no bullets? I wouldn’t trust anyone over there right now to tell ya the truth!

You try that shit here in the USA and we will lynch every one of you little ass wipes!!! That’s after we use your face as a dust mop on the floor first!

What a bunch of candy asses!!! I never thought little boys could be so callous and threatened by such beauty such as 17 year old Du’a Khalil! She was in LOVE and now you all are in big trouble over there!

Ok folks now for my curse to be bestowed on these hoodlums and the like of the world:

You that kill innocent victims of your twisted religion will find nothing but darkness through life! Women will never be yours to control. In death you will stay in darkness and be nothing! If you do find women of your own religion just as twisted, the children you bear will only turn on you both for they will come from the cup of life and will have spiritually met Du’a Khlil and others that were put to death for no reason what so ever! Except for your twisted and very sick beliefs! The Love that Du’a Khlil had will be seen by all! For you that put her to death you will only find misery for it will follow you for all eternity!

I ask in the name of the Holy Spirit AMEN!

Du’a Khalil and others will be avenged!

Oh, yeah and abusive men in the USA all you jerks out there listen up! You will have the same faith and let’s hope the law throws away the key! Then you can all just decompose!

I'm holding my nose too!
Just don't come knocking on my door! K!
Black on White I hope it’s the death penalty!!!
Every twist and turn!

Surrender monkey Monkeys are cute but this one has to be a dimmy!

Gateway Pundit observes moment of silence


The Griper said...

he cringes down as he hears her snarl and see her sharp claws come out. go get`em girl. i'm right behind ya.

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