Sunday, May 13, 2007

Commander of Commanders DEAD!

Yeeeeehaaawwwwww! Thanks be to Allah!

God Praise The USA!

"Yes, Dadullah has been killed. Obviously it will have an impact on the current insurgency because he was a key Taliban fighter, a big commander," he told AFP. Dadullah is the most important rebel commander to be killed since the Taliban was driven from government by a US-led coalition in late 2001. Intelligence agency spokesman Sayed Ansari described him as the "biggest Taliban commander ever killed." "He was the commander of commanders," he said. Click here for the link

A real SCORE

Live from NATO!

Dead as dead can be He was the ruler of the Taleban, and it will affect the Taleban influence in the south, for sure

"We don’t care and the more of this kind of scum show up dead the better! Oh Zarkowe come out and fight like the loony, jerk that you are! The next person to take this rulers place will have the same faith! Because Allah makes that happen! Thanks, be to God!"

For your eyes only! Pass the popcorn!

Nazanin Afshin Jam: Video on child executions

Nazanin Afshin Jam's video


Indigo Red said...

It is good news on the one hand that Dadullah is dead. It's bad news because another leader we don't know and perhaps a worse person will take his place.

However, in the long run, attrition takes its toll and fewer young people are willing to fallow in the footsteps of the uberhaters.

dcat said...

You got that right! :D