Saturday, May 12, 2007

Alright all you Mothers out there listen up!

Rudy Giuliani has a message for all!

Yes they are coming to our country to form their own melting pot! And they want to kill us!

Islamic fascism is alive and well. They are still brainwashing the young into having them think that: “When the world turns Islam then there will be peace!

No there won’t be peace!

Don’t you dare accept that crock of bull! It will mean giving up your freedom! It is not a religion of peace! If it was they wouldn’t be forming to take us down they would be in the news supporting our ways in helping others. I don’t see Islam helping with nothing but brain washing to kill people that don’t agree with them to convert! Islam is a poison! Just like Jim Jones Kool-aid!

I am for having a registered gun.

I also agree with his take on abortion.

I believe in the constitution!

We need to stay on the offense.

I feel that socialism and any form of fascism will NOT stand a chance against a strong country like ours! So those that think they can form their own melting pot should be packing to leave this great country, because we don’t want or need their socialistic fascist’s views!!!

God trumps Allah and God always wins!

Hat tip from bg: Sharia creep on campus
Michelle Malkin

Tyranny at Tufts


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