Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Wake up Call

Hopefully for the insurgence abroad and here at home!

A work of art in Iraq

Update just in: Yahoo News
Pajama Media and Omar's post at Iraq the Model.

So now what will the democrats = Democraps say for themselves over this! Still wanna cut and run I presume!?!

The wild Democrats will be ridden by the Al-Qaeda if they don’t wake up soon!!!

And something more to look at Gateway Pundit

News from the UK


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA Good show bg! Thanks again!
Meet the Press: Harry Reid's Plan for America


Unlike congress I'm proud of them, I support them, and I love them all!


Indigo Red said...

Great mural. No matter what the adversity, people under pressure will always make something beautiful to compensate for the ugly.

dcat said...

Yeah Indigo just like the democrats and run policy!

V-i-t-o vito that gosh darn bill! YEAH!

That is like stamping a bullshit stamp at anything crazy coming from the left! Beautiful! No?