Monday, April 23, 2007


You threaten me and I will act! Even if it means my life! There are worse things in life then death. It is to live without freedom! You might as well be dead!

Here there be, monsters! So it’s best to be prepared.

It looks like Islam is getting to the point of being brutal to folks that speak out against the Koran. They do it in a bullying and childishly deadly, manner. They are showing us here in the Western world, that it must be all true! Actions speak the loudest or don’t they know that? Maybe they were absent that day in class. Just like Reid must have been, because he doesn’t have a clue!!! If we pull out of Iraq does he have the slightest idea of what will happen here? His short sightedness just as others like him will be the death of USA!

I am thankful for Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch. With talking and showing all the intimidation going on across the west!

Nicely done with the research Robert! And I will post it here at my place too!

So tell your children that ‘there be, monsters here! Not to frighten but to prepare and be ready to act if need be! You may want to do the same if you want to survive the same way our forefathers did. Oh but don't give your guns to the Goverment just yet folks!


The Griper said...

you really know what scares me is? it is the fact that people are still seeking greater gun controls in light of all this. have we become so dependent upon the government to protect us (an impossibility) that we have lost the sense of the need to protect ourselves and those we love? Or is it that we are so used of seeing it occur to others on tv news etc. that we have no fear of it actually happening to us personally?

Either scenario would indicate just how brain washed the people have become.

dcat said...

They sure as hell are the griper!

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