Friday, April 13, 2007

Certainly Not CNN’s Words!

CNN doesn’t show anything good about Iraq so stop wasting your time!

It’s time kiddies to listen to the Soldiers report! Certainly Not CNN's! The hat tip goes to Hot Air! Michelle rocks!

Why would, CNN cast anything worth hearing. All CNN is capable of doing is starting fires. I am comparing CNN and followers of this news cast, with terrorists! Calling our president incoherent!? Name calling again by the loons! The support from CNN on this matter is appalling!

I’m proud of our soldiers and what they are accomplishing in Iraq. No we shouldn’t pull out! The left are definitely not humanitarians because they don’t care about others! If they did care they would be supportive. Yes folks it’s all about them! Shame, shame, shame to all the cut and run!

...And for PBS You ain't off the hook! Now for a word from our moderate Muslims: It seems I'm not the only one with an attitude! There is always MEMRI TV if PBS Won’t post anything!

You got that right Michelle Malkin!


Mike's America said...

I never, EVER watch CNN.

Indigo Red said...

Good stuff here. Iraqis who want our troops to stay - who woulda thunk it?

dcat said...

And more people shouldn't!

CNN will rot your brain!

The Griper said...

ohhh haven't you heard dcat, the left are very humanitarian when it comes to helping others. if you don't believe me, ask them, they'll straighten you out in a heartbeat.

they'll declare that the left are for the poor and middle class and the right are for the rich and privileged. what can be more humane than that?

they'll vote for war then try to blame the President for that vote instead of accepting full responsibility for that vote. that is their idea of what a leader is.

yup, they are the party that seeks leadership and are humane. the right consists of theocrats, dictators, Nazis, racists and warmongers.

oh, and a couple of more things, when they are not voted into office the voters are idiots who are voting against their best interests.

when they are voted in with a very small majority they have a mandate from the people but when Geo Bush was voted in he had no mandate.

and as i said, if you do not believe me ask them they wouldn't mislead you in any way, would they? they are the party that only have the best interests of the American people at heart, aren't they?

dcat said...

The Griper,

Um you forgot to say sarcasm, off!

Ok now deep breath’s calm way down BP under 120/80, 115/70, Ahhhhh 110/60 ok there!

The deep breath’s and calming effect was for me. :D

Mike H. said...

CNN? Who let them loose? They should be in their own little microcosm with all of the creatures of their construction. Like Cho! Pant, pant! OK, ten deep breaths: one, two, three....

dcat said... and out deap breaths... Good job Mike H! :)