Wednesday, April 11, 2007

His Brain was Squirming like a Toad

It seems I'm not the only one with an attitude! This MEMRI TV was very interesting! Nice to see, the spit fire in this woman newscast person.

I loved it when she put her male opponent in his place. I thought I was watching FOX news at that point. I had to keep hitting the pause button to read it all and get the expressions. Good to see the hope and the change of all the brainwashed women! That goes for even in the USA! That they will come out of the closet and fight back! BIG TIME!

Who in the hell do these guys think they are anyway!? What you think you’ll get it for free!? Think again bubo! I can hear it now after a rape case! Off with his testicals! And the liberals, out there protesting cruelty on behalf of the rapist!

Then there is this beauty, yes even a Hot Air take. Then this little tidbit on Jihad Watch!

It would be nice to back all the bullies into one little corner and then make them all squirm!

I sure would enjoy it!

Oh and liberals We really do need to stay and help in Iraq! Show me that you really are humanitarians instead of hypocrites!

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