Sunday, April 29, 2007

Oh Yeah More Investigative Reports! You bet!!!

You would think the Democrats would get the whole picture!? Obviously they don’t! Too damn bullheaded to admit the truth! Do they just want to have power and do exactly what the Republicans have been accomplishing all this time in office, ‘only to turn around and call it “their idea”? What is it with these idiots!?

Well you know we have freedom of speech. We have a very good country here and I hope that people will not just hand it over to extremist thugs! Yes I moderate my place because of the thugs that loom! I have that freedom here because it is my place and I will either let you into my home or slam the door in your face! That is my right! Look at what is happening to a blog in Egypt called Sandmonkey! The thugs are there! He, maybe fearing for his life now!!!

Are you a humanitarian? Only if you care about "all the people" and their freedom! Other wise you are noting more then a hypocrite that wants to protect terrorists! AND YOU WILL LOSE! Because, the polls are actually wrong! They really have only 51% out of millions and millions of people that disagree! So ya all can stuff those polls up where, the sun don’t shine honey!

At Iraq the model they are asking the big questions of Democrats. Make sure to take a look at the comment section. The ones that appose and stick up for the Democraps are the Islamic terrorist supporters of Al-Qaeda! That should make you open your eyes! Or are you going to be just like most of the Germans during WWll saying: “oh this isn’t happening here!” Some are still in denial to this day! Never mind people disappearing off the streets in some countries!!! It just may happen here folks so WAKE THE HELL UP!

Capital letters or not democracy isn't what the democraps Believe in! Democrats=democrats! Same damn word same meaning!

So sorry to hear of Sandmonkey calling it quits because of the thugs in Egypt!

Here is another clip for you liberals out there! Hat tip bg! Copy and past this into your browser to view. Kudlow & Company 4.27.07 tv clip.wmv

(I had to do it this way or it won't work and it messes my blog up!)

Majority of World Public Says US Influence is Mainly Negative (That is the word of world public) Go and give Melinda Brouwer hell all you Republicans!

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