Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Amendment should trump sharia!

Well DUH!  REALLY?!  That is why islam want to "CHANGE" The amendment and the Constitution!  You live here you abide by OUR LAWS here in the USA!  Or get the hell out! 

I will remind you that I will fight to the death for my freedom!  FAIR WARNING!  JERKS!


Mike H. said...

"That is why islam wants to "CHANGE" The amendment and the Constitution! You live here? You abide by OUR LAWS here in the USA! Or get the hell out!"

Motion seconded, the vote is called. All in favor say Aye!


The Ayes have it the motion is passed.

The departure line forms to the left.

Always On Watch said...

If Moslems living here in the United States refuse to abide by our Constitution, out they should go.