Friday, May 27, 2011

The nasty Note in Redmond

Oh this isn't over!

READ it "Here"

Robert Spencer gets death threats all the time and they here in Redmond WA worry about a stupid note probably wrote by CAIR themselves?!

muslims are always shooting themselves in the foot aren't they!  Most folks are on to them BIG TIME!  Some are still stupid!


Mike H. said...

dcat, Brigitte is extremely busy. She's doing us all a favor at her level and we're doing it at ours. As long as the argument is made properly by us, everyone will be educated.

Always On Watch said...

Muslims are the biggest whiners on the planet!

dcat said...

Mike H,
Then don't write to me telling me we don't have evidence! We at this point have more information about what they are all about then she does!

I always welcome comments like this over and over again! We can certianly add to the list!