Wednesday, May 11, 2011

White House has been trashed!

Well it was just a matter of time!  I mean look at what we have in the White House to start with!  It is obvious that the first trash in the White House has no class.  This is no secret...  Hmmm This can be considered a start of a new rap song. 

Gee I sure hope I have the same rights!

Talk about the neighborhood getting trashed!

Fine poetry should be freedom of speech so I will use the same vile that is being used toward what I love and respect right back to the vile perp rappers name!  I won't leave out the first trash in the White House either!  So eat that with your waffle!

Read the vile going on in the White House "HERE"


tha malcontent said...

Amen to this!

See my take on it, over on my blog.

Mike H. said...

The thing that the 'black liberation front' was promising in the 60's has come to pass. (Make whitey the slave.) But I don't think that 13% of the population is enough to keep him in office.

And the progs who helped pick the creep have done themselves so much damage that it's conceivable that they will be discredited permanently. Woodrow Wilson needs to be shown for the bigot and megalomaniac that he was.

Always On Watch said...

So much for the People's House! **spit**

Mike H. said...

It used to be our White House but 'what goes around comes around' progs!

dcat said...

Yep Mike H and AOW

They "progs" will get their come upends soon!