Wednesday, May 04, 2011

mulslim world GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!



Indigo Red said...

I'm of two minds on the death of Osama. Part of me wants to shout WOOHOO! The other part wants to shout YIPPEE!

dcat said...

I want to view the corps for my satisfaction, this is what happens to thugs! Also to piss the rest of them off enough to come out screaming so we know who they are and do the same to them!!!

I'm really getting annoyed with the tip toeing around their messed up little cult minds!!! I really have had enough of the crap Indigo and I know you feel the same.

You know about that honor killing don't you? good ole Michigan USA! Click here

Oh and every picture tells the story don't it!Click here

obama has issues!

Always On Watch said...

Love this graphic, Dcat!

My sentiments exactly.

About the death photos of OBL: I think that the 9/11 families should have the option of seeing those photos. Were I a member of the 9/11 families, I'd want to see the dead weasel!

dcat said...

As an American paying taxes I want the product!

Americans that were stressed that day need that! I had a family member that could have very well been flying that plane that day!!!

American Jihad said...

President Bush tried and failed to find and kill bin laden. President Clinton tried and failed. President Obama tried and succeeded.
The moral of this is.....
If you want someone dead and the body not to be found, hire a black guy.

dcat said...

Hmmm you sound racist to me.

Never mind the "fact" it takes years to have the opportune moment!

It was a very complex mission! Thank you Bush and the Navy Seals!

Don’t forget Pakistan was harboring him! Some friends they are! NOT!

Oh and while I am on a roll here zero had a muslim funeral for him. I’m hoping that they did wash his body! With Navy piss! before dumping his vile corps into the drink!