Friday, March 23, 2007

I Support This War And Our Soldiers!

I agree with this link

Another link is: "And they ain't just shooting kids in the face but also doing shit like this..."

The problem is the ones against the war don’t get it and don’t care! Hell they don’t even care if their own freedom gets taken away! Right Indigo!? Nice post by the way love the comments ;)

Oh yes bg I love reading Jihad Watch and thank you for this link!


Yeah democrats it will be vetoed!


Indigo Red said...

The first video with Pamela Hess on CNN was a bit rambling, but staying with it one can see an apparent liberal's mind being changed by her own experience in Iraq.

She is correct in saying that the first causes of the war are now irrelevene or at least incidental. We are now there to protect the regular folk from what she termed "the professionally violent", those people who's job it was under Saddam to do the dirty work and have no other skills.

It is a very difficult period in Iraq and honestly, sometimes I just want to call it quits especially when in a recent poll 63% of Iraqi repondents think it's OK to kill an American. But the situation is bigger than that and we must help our fellow human beings. It's the rihgt thing to do.

dcat said...

Indigo "a poll" Who's? LOL...

You know how I feel about poll's!

I keep running into conservatives and just found that my one nieghbor is conservative! Yeah sure Washington state are all liberal! Can you say fixed!?

Albeit there are more good people then you think over there!

Now please go to amazing grace! Thanks :)

Mike H. said...

dcat I feel the same way about polls They've got too damned many polls out there right now. I'm gettin' tired of those light polls and the number of traffic sign polls is gettin' to be too much. Is that all they have to do with our money? Look at all those power polls, you can't see the scenery any more. Dadblameit.

dcat said...

Yeah Mike H!

They need to put the power lines underground!

dcat said...

Thank you for going to amazing grace! :)