Saturday, March 17, 2007

To The Canuck’s At Whistler Blackcomb

Thanks A!

All ya need to do now is get rid of the CNN channel and replace it with FOX NEWS and you will be good to go, A!

We are back from the wonderful ski trip to Whistler Blackcomb

There was this little bit of news the day we arrived. One was that there was a murder. There was a fatal shooting that has stunned the locals. The last murder happened thirty years ago.

Then this: “Missing Quebec skier was found dead ” this second story was about one skier that became disoriented and went off a ski trial. His friends all thought that he had just met up with other skiers because he was known to just take off, with other people. Guess he did not find other skiers to ski down with.

It seems people that meet up at Whistler do become life long friends. Some even make a trip with the same people year after year.

Thanks for the company Brian H. from Toronto. “I want that picture you took A!”

And thanks to the nice friendly people from all over the world that we shared chairlift after chairlift with. From the morning ride in the gondola to the top and the rest of the chair rides we had nothing but great people except for a few rude pot smoking snowboarders in the gondola and skiers cutting in line, hogging the chair with the ski rest bar. Not to mention the out of control idiots cutting people off on the slopes! How rude! I guess there has to be a few morons! (Seems to me just like, on the blogs the idiots and the rude people are always out numbered! Oh and likewise with our smelly little friends “the jihad” are also out numbered!)

Most of the people I talked to agreed we need to finish the war! It is looking like to me, more and more of your loser types are hanging around blogs just to bring more of their horrible existence to the surface. By that I mean, trying their dam-nest to bring “the more positive and all the supporters of our country, down." This behavior is so typical of lowlifes. The D. Trump is one that irked me this last week! Looking on to the mountain and back at him and still knowing that people like him and the media idiots are all out numbered!

Here are just a few that out number the moonbats and I join them with sharing this on my blog: Grizzly Mama, The City Troll, Skye and a big thank you to CJ! Way to go gang! I loved what you did and the pictures were great! It was nice to come home to this!

All in all, our trip was just fantastic blue sky and new snow in one week! Who can complain about that!? It was rare to have blue sky and it was not taken for granted. It poured rain all the way up to the mountain from home and all the way back home again. One likes it that way best when skiing. Wednesday and Thursday were the two of the golden days of the week.

Did I mention the food? Oh my! There were so many places to eat in the village and on the mountain that we could not have possibly hit them all in a week. We can’t say that we didn’t try.

Oh yeah another kudos for Brian H. from Toronto, ‘that place you suggested was very enjoyably delicious. And the Irish pub was a must do for that Sheppard’s pie. Thanks A! Hope you had a wonderful Irish kind of day! ;)

The Canuck’s are ready for the Olympics in 2010. Cypress is all ready finished and what a run! 7th heaven was a good run when it was open. I buzzed over to the crystal chair for the overbite of it all. Jersey cream was a dream and to those of you non skiers check out the map link at the link I provided of Whistler Blackcomb. Those that I have mentioned are at the Blackcomb Mountain side.

Symphony express is a new chair to us since over 10 years ago when we were there last. Not sure about Harmony express. I can’t seem to remember too much. But I do remember skiing, a ridge at the top and dropping down on a steep mogul run sort of like the whistler bowl a run called Monday’s on Whistler Mountain. That is one Monday to think about. The peak chair can take ya there.

I know that this coming Monday will be a double diamond run but hey I’m an expert on Monday’s so no worries A!


Mike H. said...

What was it you came home to? All I see is snow.

dcat said...

I came home to a bunch of liberal assholes protesting in Seattle!

Oh well It poured rain on them real hard like so Mike that was rain :) The bad get what they deserve I guess.

Tom C said...

BRRRRR It was eighty here today. ;P

Mike H. said...

Good on them. Water that is. Heh

dcat said...

Tom C,

So I had the top down on the beamer. And my plum tree is all pink! :D

This is in the mountains hon. Can't ski without snow, can't drink and wash cars... without snow and rain. :D

It sure rained on the idiots in Seattle though Hehehehehehehehehe! They really are all wet! LOL

Mike's America said...

I made it as far as Vancouver a couple years back. Hard for me to believe that just a short drive north is all that snow.

Looks like you had fun.

dcat said...

Yes Mike we did thanks :)

We have snow too but Whistler had so much more to offer then in Stevens Pass. For one no Irish pub ;)