Sunday, May 01, 2005

Time for the News

Rarely do I get to keep up on the news when I am on vacation. Mainly because Mr. dcat keeps me from it. I wish he would have kept me from it this time too!

The place where we stayed has a lovely library and lounge area with a fireplace. Our room had a fireplace too and it is just as cozy. Maybe even nicer with the Pacific Ocean right there out the door to a deck, you could just open a window and listen to the waves if you wanted to. With Mr. dcat in the library and myself finally getting a chance to watch “FOX NEWS” was like “oh boy here is my chance”!

What a disappointment! It was about some runaway bride “this mind you took up my half hour of pleasure to catch up on the latest.” I waited patiently and to no other coverage except of the runaway bride! I then shut the TV off in despair and thought she needs to be prosecuted for what she did! What a Looney! At least I didn’t have to sit there for much longer then that! I felt proud of myself for turning it off and going to Mr. dcat to go and walk the beach, instead.

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