Saturday, March 12, 2011

Robert Spencer is telling the truth on CAIR

I have seen the pathetic stickers around here "Seattle" and have seen the hate in the drivers eyes of these cars! Their women are their slaves and the women are their patsies!

Robert Spencer with Pamela Geller on FOX. Make sure to see the link here to Pamela's site.

Oh yes CAIR's track record is very clear!!!


Mike H. said...

I could only take up to the first interruption before I quit. I would like to slap her silly but that would make me like them, so time to leave!

dcat said...

Yeah well I was in no mood to join you guys at our place Mike H.

I would have pissed everyone off and then some and I don't think I could take another Dr. Jassar video from bg!!!

You all see how islam operates it's time now for their demise!

Mike H. said...

First, you know how I feel about Dr. Jasser, and I know how you feel. Let's agree to leave him out of the argument.
Second, her name is phony, Christina means "Christian" or "The anointed". Abraham is not spelled like that in Arabic, either, it is spelled Ibrahim.

A true muslim would have a name like "Jasmin Ibrahim," Nobody would name their child for an infidel pig. And in the koran Christ is supposedly saying you are the true prophet, mohammed.

She is banking on ignorance. I'm surprised that Spencer didn't say anything about it.

dcat said...

Spencer shouldn't have to on the obvious!

Jasser isn't helping matters none! They mock him!

I would never join a twisted cult so don’t count on me changing my name! ;]