Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hey welcome to MY PLACE!

You know as a blogger, I like to admire other peoples work. I go around reading all kinds of stuff that will ignite something inside me. Something that, I feel worth repeating again and again. Something that, I really feel passionate about gets me to post it at my place. Sure everyone has said it at least 1,000 times but hey what is one more! Especially when getting it off my chest will maybe open up the door to slap, someone in the face that has never seen it! Then to see all the others that I have at my side bar is a trophy of information!

I remember telling someone in a comment section to write a blog because I loved the way he wrote. He is very good! Indigo Red! The great adventures of Indigo Red! He must be on an adventure because he hasn’t written in a while.

Another is Dagney’s Rant. She probably is still in shock over what is happening to people in our Country. I welcome a new post from them any time soon! I hope!

I can always count on Mike’s America to keep me abreast. I usually don’t have the time to look at anything else about our Republican best. So Mike, keep up the great work! In the back of my mind he knows all about islam and is fighting to keep our country from the left loons that welcome socialist communist Marxist islamic thugs!

You see Liberals are just another breed. They usually stand by something just because they don’t want to be wrong or hurtful! That sort of thinking is what is going to have us killed as a country! It’s really a PC cowards’ way out and a gutless attempt of evading truth. They say they are humanitarians? They say they are for women rights? I don’t see rights in islam! Oh did I not capitalize the” I”? Well I don’t want to and this here is my place!

Always on Watch is one of my other favorite blogs. She has a hand full to deal with at home, but still gets the posts up! Sometimes it’s awhile till she does but with a good reason to follow. My prayers are always with her.

Gringo Ranch! YEEEEEEHAAWWWWW! ;] he knows me best!

Atlas Shrugs! Because Pamela Geller isn’t mentioned at ITM! She makes islamics quake! I admire her work! As I, also love Jihad Watch! These two are the dynamic dual!

Here are dcats blog awards!

Now if any of you out there can shut the brotherhood islamic organizations down then DO IT! You too can get the dcats award!

No one is going to run me off!


Mike's America said...

I've been called a "Republican BEAST" before but this is the first time I've been called "Republican Best."


And we know you are going to keep on top of those Muslim stories we all need to know about.

dcat said...

I won't let it go Mike. :]

Sadly stories are true.

tha malcontent said...

Ive been called every name in the books but who gives a crap? I don't. I can name call with the best of them but what good does it do, we are talking to anonymous Liberal whiny sore losers on these boards, nothing more. I know when I'm right and I'll admit if and when I'm wrong (which is very seldom) but these people with their never ending whine fest go on and on and on blaming Bush, Blaming us Republicans for everything including the reason the Muzzies are what they are. The destruction of America is not far off unless these people wake up and smell the enemy.

dcat said...

Well we need to wake them Mal!

I’m not gentle enough I guess the left like people who speak gently like the islamic thugs do to woo such weak feeble minds.

Mal, LOL please! You are splitting my sides!

“…the reason the Muzzies are what they are”.

Liberals are called apologetics’.

Never mind that islamic laws take away freedom from life itself!

I morn for this horrific story more than Gods will of an earthquake!

It’s just me I guess.

dcat said...

I read what a commenter had to say:

Madeleine said in reply to what the hell is it gonna take?...

and I wonder

Always On Watch said...

Thanks so much for the mention and your words of praise.

As Mr. AOW improves, ever so slowly, I am able to find more time to blog -- provided my computer woes are under control, that is.

dcat said...

Always on Watch,
Good to hear and I will keep on praying.

And reading your blog. Nice job as always.