Tuesday, March 29, 2011

islam is NOT fair to Women!

I believe Wafa Sultan MD before I believe the two bit islamic from Portland with Bill today on his show! ~~~~~~~~~~ What was coming out of his mouth was practicing Takia to fool the Kafir. That would be anyone that is not of the faith! They call us names and lie to deciet! Don't buy it because this is what is being overlooked! Soon we will have our churches burnt to the ground because they will have taken over!!! ~~~~~~~~~~

Obama also said "arabs fighting by our side" did anyone else notice he didn't include Israel!? I will not let this go and I will not be fooled! I am not a cheerleader for islamic thugs!!! Enjoy this "link" and the videos!


Mike H. said...

I saw the Portland creep's interview with O'really and turned the sound off till it was over. I only listen to a couple of people on the Bill show. I had heard Wafa before and agreed with what she said this time.

And NO-ONE is saying a thing about the woman who was raped and hauled off in Tripoli!

dcat said...

The media is on their side and are afraid of the islamic mafia!

They God forbid don’t want to be called racist! Race has nothing to do with this religion of thugs!

They want to play nice with the ones that won't think twice to take their head!

dcat said...

Mike H,
Don't turn the sound down. You need to listen to the lies They change their spiel a lot

...or maybe you already know about these little rejects. ;]

Joanne said...

O'Reilly is such a bloody moron, and he sees himself as a bad ass who gets to the truth. He should get even half a brain. You could tell from Wafa's face that she thought he was ignorant. Bill can't see how a prophet could santify such treatment of women - what a moron. Muhammed beat, raped, and slaughtered women....damn O'Reilly is a dumbass.

I've known from the beginning Obama was a muslim. First off, he is a liar, plain and simple, so how hard would it be for him to lie as a muslim. Damn, people better start visualizing rising up, because it will happen. I am not going to stand for it.

dcat said...

Yep he plays the happy idiot! I hate the bouncing around a real yes man and love what Pamela sent me and wrote this artical Enjoy!

Always On Watch said...

O'Reilly really comes off as idiotic in this video.

Perhaps he just can't wrap his mind around what Islam really is. I'm sure that he personally knows "many nice Muslims."

I wonder if he knows nice Nazis too.