Wednesday, March 09, 2011

islam is insensitive!

islam is islam!

They don't give a rats ass! Soon as people start to see that the faster this war will be over!

The thing is with the PC idiots is that they seem to have their heads up their ass! It isn't like the muslims bent over back wards to try and do a shake down at their masque! They don't really care! They are afraid themselves! If it was me I would have left that chicken shit cult long ago! I probably would have never gone along with it! Just like I haven't gone along with the religion I was brought up with! I do beleive in God and feel the people in a religion have no clue!

Muslims are scared?! They better be! Oh gee they had a fucking 9 years to do something and did they? NO! As for Dr. Rudy Jassar, 'with a degree you can wipe your ass with 'he didn't prove anything either, because it is against the koran to speak ill about a fellow muslim!

At this stage of the game nothing islamics try and do now will ever win my trust! I bet I'm not alone! Don't YOU DARE CALL ME A RACIST when you are trying to take MY country down!!! I'll call you a chicken shit for not calling the enemy what it really is! So in attacking me you need to be SHOT for TREASON! I stand for the USA! Not shariah or some pathetic cult that wants to get political with our US Constitution! Yer gonna lose asshole!

As for the victims of 9-11 I stand with them! Not with a bunch of THUG DOUCHE BAGS!

Pamela I love your site Click here to see her stuff!

Here we have a little shit:

They know it and he is one of them!!! islam should be attacked!!! Why don't you talk a little softer and faster you still will not win me over you little DICK!



Mike H. said...

I don't know, I looked all over the dictionary and couldn't find the definition that would allow a religion to be a race.

I'll have to do some research on Darwin's theories and see if it's there.

If not then somebody has to explain why they're lying to me. ;)

dcat said...

That is because it is NOT there Mike H

The morons are idiots!!!

Lisa said...

Don't YOU DARE CALL ME A RACIST when you are trying to take MY country down!!!