Monday, March 07, 2011

CAIR has issues

We have issues with CAIR!

Looks like by the time we get done with CAIR they will be changing their name. You know if they ever do anything good it will be only for their gain. They don't care about others feeling or needs. All they care about is islam taking over with their pathetic shariah law so it is a political ploy. If you are a woman you need to fight them! If you are gay you need to fight them! If you are a guy or a gal in love you need to fight them! Or if you want a fun life style you best get off your fat ass and fight them!

I have a new video from Pamela:

I also have a new Dear dcat from Act, only because CAIR wants to slander truth about the shady works in their organization! In other words they do not want people to know! We need to tell them not in our back yard and we are not like Europe! They are going to have one hell of a fight on their hands!

I wasn't there either so does anyone have video making the crowed talk back and just catching that part of it? One has to wonder.

Now I see the video is no longer posted LOL Huh!

CAIR-California’s Deceptive Video Smears ACT! for America

A video put out by CAIR’s (Council on American-Islamic Relations) California affiliate circulating the internet is grossly deceptive and demands a response.

The video is actually an edited stringing together of at least three different videos, shot at different times and in two different places.

FACT: There was a peaceful rally of approximately 800 people in Yorba Linda, California, which was addressed by numerous public officials. You can see a few shots of the speakers on the CAIR-CA video.

FACT: There was a small group of protestors who were disrespectfully heckling Muslims entering a building. This group of protestors was separate from the larger rally. Indeed, you will note on the video that most of the video of the protestors occurred when it was dark—well after the larger rally had ended.

The video falsely claims ACT! for America “sponsored” this protest where the heckling occurred.

FACT: ACT! for America did not sponsor either the protest or the peaceful rally. ACT! for America did not organize either event. ACT! for America sent out emails informing people that there was a peaceful rally scheduled to take place at the Yorba Linda Community Center.

FACT: ACT! for America does not encourage, support or condone the kind of tactics employed by some of the protestors. Anyone who reads our emails would know that we always encourage peaceful, respectful grassroots action. We are confident the truth about radical Islam speaks for itself, and the kind of tactics employed by some of the protestors we consider abhorrent, disrespectful and counterproductive.

FACT: The purpose of the event we informed people about was to let the Yorba Linda Community Center know that it had booked two radical Islamists, Siraj Wahhaj and Anur-Abel Malik-Ali. Malik-Ali has, among other things, denounced the “white man” as “the enemy.” Wahhaj has called for “war” and “jihad” against America, including jihad with “uzis.” Our email stated: Politely ask them to cancel the event.

ACT! for America believes men like Wahhaj and Malik-Ali should be exposed for their radicalism. This is why we informed people about the event intended for that purpose.

What’s more, emails put out in advance of the rally by the ACT! for America Corona (CA) chapter stated “Unite in Peaceful Protest…” and “This is a peaceful, lawful gathering…”

What Siraj Wahhaz and Anur-Abel Malik-Ali have said is repugnant.

What the heckling protestors did was repugnant.

And what CAIR-California did, smearing ACT! for America by falsely claiming ACT! for America sponsored the heckling protest and implying that ACT! for America encourages such behavior, was also repugnant.


Always On Watch said...

CAIR shouldn't even be allowed to have offices in the United States. Period.

dcat said...

I herd the islamics here in liberal ass Seattle are going to regroup at the islamic school.

I don't trust any of them!