Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hamas is so innocent! boo hoo! NOT!

Wake up and see how they really are! They fired on Israel!

Palestinian militants in Gaza fired more than 50 rockets into Israel on Saturday, the heaviest barrage in two years, Israeli officials said, while Hamas police beat up reporters and confiscated their equipment.

A Hamas official was killed and four civilians were wounded when Israel hit back with tank fire and air strikes, said Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Adham Abu Salmia.

Oh and then you have the palestine back lash "they did this to us" Why is that I wonder? Gee not because they hate the Jews and slaughtered a family. "A LITTLE BABY TOO" Then handed out sweets to their thug freinds in the street and danced like they did when we got hit on 9-11!

No I won't forget the truth!


tha malcontent said...

Thank You for this post.
Look at the bright side, in two years this nightmare will be only a bad memory

Always On Watch said...

I have zero sympathy for any Hamas or Hezbollah "civilians."

dcat said...

Mal, I hope Israel whoops their ass!

You aren't alone AOW

RG said...

The Paleos just tried to blow up an Israeli bus full of civilians in Jerusalem.

dcat said...

Oh RG are you sure! I mean those poor little palo’s and all!

Besides after they push the Jews off the map we Christians are next!