Friday, March 04, 2011

Jumping to conclusions?!

Isn't that the game they had in the movie office space? LOL

I guess when one squeals alah akbar it's ok and not a terror threat!

Hey Gateway Pundit had this to say!

Well the dipshit is islamic and on their side so after all so what else whould he say but "let's not jump to..."


Anonymous said...

As for Mrs. O’s project, it is a noble goal but doomed to be a failure just like her husbands.
This obesity cause of hers is to distract people from the fact that they have a cause otherwise known as Socialism, that does not meet the values of true Americans.
I bet that after that Michelle gives her lectures she runs to the kitchen to down some fried chicken, fried potato wedges, and a few and, a racks of spare ribs. Then, she probably has a few slices of chocolate cake and a large milk shake before dinner.

dcat said...

Darth Bacon,

Nothing they do is noble!!!

Some can’t possibly be that silly not to hear the slight of mouth!

If they do anything noble it will be closer to election time!

How could anyone, have been so imprudent to vote for this sack of guano the first time, is beyond my comprehension!

The ones that voted for him had to be imbecilic, because they didn't do their homework on this socialist Marxist, islamic, narcissist!