Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oh only Muslims!

Ok I got ya! I understand! Boy, do I ever!!!

Even if they worked with us now I would still be suspicious! Common Robert I don’t think so! It’s my right to be skeptical! Your right about islamaphobia not going away! Not with me at any rate! EVER!!!
They change their religion and it won’t matter to me! CAIR is doing a bit of brain washing again and I refuse to listen to their spewing lies! Let the loony left take it all in. They seem to not listen to anyone else but soon as terrorists speak they are ready to bare their children of murderous thugs! I don’t get it!

I am not about to cheer for the enimy anytime soon! However the traitor witch below will!

Political correctness does not count in war!!! GOOD JOB TROOPS!!! THAT GENERAL practicing treason? I think so!!!! Thanks Bill! And that is a memo

You may have to click on it twice seems the stations don’t want you to see this one!

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