Saturday, October 06, 2007

General Wesley Clark Screws with The Wrong Soldiers!

Yeah Wesley they are my friends and guess what I have a blog an everyone will see what a jackass is! AND THAT IS YOU!

Consider your ass grass General!

Now you can take that to your grave WESLEY!

Alright first things first! I want to spew a bit before letting you in on the ill mannered unorganized dedication to our military soldiers by General Wesley Clark. My soldier friends are Republicans. They were going in with an open mind and low and behold you have this head in the ass General dismissing you soldiers as mere commoners! Ah but this is typical for a democrat! Cause that is what he is and out of touch for I had him pegged as a nut from day one! I will tell you what he is, my good people and that is ‘he is a minor player and a washed up General!

Picture this, two soldiers that spent time in Albania fighting for the cause. With one of them even losing a leg! Now giving up an exercise work out only to be turned away by the General that they fought with and under! They wanted to give the benefit of the doubt. ‘To give a chance and open mind, to this loon of a General.

Well I say well done soldiers! And thank you for serving! You’re still serving by opening up the eyes of others that bought his book. "Especially the Albanians." If they only knew the true heroes are you two and not him! I bet they would have had pictures taken with you if you were to have waited and told them who you were. You could have stolen the show! But I understand the shock that you went through believe me! Hind site if we only would hold out and think at the time. LOL

I will tell you now you are better then this has been General and you will shine on while he will just turn to dust, in many of mind and blow away! You have a sweet little girl that is our future! And “A” is for an angle! For she will, bring guidance through you both in the world of the future.

As a human resource person you are still working with people. Just, think this person this General is still trying to sell his worthless goods! I mean really what else does he have before his last hurrah? Not a damn thing! Remember you are worth more because you care more! And I love you for it! Hubby and I look forward to a hug from you and your husband when we all go to the dinner in Seattle and the opera this week! You have probably more friends then that General will ever have! Oh sure he will be surrounded by people however for their own favoritism and that is fake! So turn your back on him my friends because he is not a patriot and he does not have the same golden values that you posses. You are free! Because of you many more are also free so remember that and know that the General never learned true values such as you did. He with his thought will never be!

May this memory of this dreaded day be erased and keep you from despair and enlighten others here:

I was too shocked and disappointed at Third Place Books last night in Seattle to speak up. I waited in line for the book signing. When it was our turn, we told him that we were honored to serve with him in Albania. He thanked us for our service and shook our hands. Immediately afterwards, I felt it would be special to have General Clark General Clark personalize our book to CPT and LT *****. I got back into line. A group of Albanians were in front of me and were able to get multiple photos with the General. When it was my turn again, I said it would mean a lot to us if he could personalize our book. He said I was “holding up the line” and his assistant told me that they weren't doing that tonight. I think he should conduct an After Action Review on this one. It was four extra words to write for two veterans.

I know you were upset Soldier! I had to correct a word for you “mean”. I know he was very mean and down right rude! I know how much of a perfectionist you are and everything you do is perfect at work. My lord you were upset! May all this melt from your heart and give you joy that others do support you! Thank you and your husband for serving!

Love to you both from Mr. and Mrs. dcat ^..^ (I can't wait till the opera! See you Monday! ;)

I will remind people that this soldier’s husband lost his leg in that Albanian conflict. And this is the way they were treated! Shame on General Wesley Clark! It shows it doesn’t matter how decorated you are you still just don’t have any class at all! You should loose all your decorations just for that move you made on these two fellow soldiers! Husband and wife that served for you! Sheesh! Don’t buy his book unless you throw it at him! Or hey! Better yet FLUSH it with the karan in a toilet!!! There ya go! ^..^


dcat said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "General Wesley Clark Screws with The Wrong Soldier...":

There is no way that Gen. Clark would tell vets they are holding up the line. I wasn't there so I must take you at your word but I have seen him go out of his way to speak to our heroes. If you still want the book personalized contact his Hqs in Little Rock. He is one of the few persoalities that has continued to speak out for our troops.

dcat said...

Sorry anon just a glitch so I copied and posted here

dcat said...

Yeah he had a real bug up his ass that day!

Yes it really did happen!

Sorry to dissapoint you! Is this where I tell you that the tooth fairy isn't real? You dhimmy!

dcat said...

Oh and anon only if the camera is on him!

No camera at that mall he could be himself then right!?

The Griper said...

they weren't democratic voters is why. how many in the service vote for a democrat now days, especially now in this war in Iraq and he proably knew that.

will comment more later when my eyes openup again.

dcat said...

You are on to something there griper I did think of that myself!

Against the war democrat! Only in for a career... I had lot's of these"?"

I will wait till your eyes open up again ;)

Mike H. said...

When I saw him last he was spouting spin as fast as he could. On Hannity and colmes. With all due deference to Anon. I despise the man myself. He sure as hell isn't my kind of military man, something about the company he keeps.

dcat said...

I know Mike H,

Thanks for that memory.

I will share mine: Remember when he gave that soldier grief just for asking him a "?" telling him he is in uniform...

There was another time even before that one if anyone else out there can remind me.

The good out weighs the bad all the time Clark being the bad!

bg said...


just as there was a special place waiting for Saddam, so to are there special places reserved for the likes of a WC.. not only do i hope he gets there ahead of time, but is ushered ahead of any others waiting in line!! :D

God Bless Soldiers everywhere for putting THEIR
lives on the line to protect us ALL from terrorism!


dcat said...

Amen bg! :) +

DagneyT said...

What could you expect from a man that wants Rush Limbaugh off Armed Forces radio, and wants to classify radio programs with ratings a la movies! I mean this is the genius general who accidently blew up the Chinese Embassy! Not only is he rude, but he's stupid and careless!

O-Dub said...

I read once that only three people disliked Weasly Clark. The people he worked for, the people he worked with, and the people that worked for him.

Tom C said...

LOL o-dub.

Just a small group then?

Mike's America said...

Dcat: Don't hold back! Tell us what you really think of good ole Wesley! :)

dcat said...

Heh Mike,
I think it's time to put him back to dust and let him just blow away! :D

The Griper said...

I was going to comment further on this with a post but too busy at moment with house work to do all the research i needed and i'm not a very efficient researcher on the web yet. but the gist of would have been that this was just the latest of insults to our troops by democrats. starting with john kerry's insults at the Congressional hearings in April of 71,his remarks to the students. murtha and reid's remarks of losing. in fact their very position is an insult to the troops over there. and these are but a few times that the troops were insulted. bet you can come up with others.

they want to be seen as insulators from harm for the lives of our troops yet every thing they say ends up as an insult.

dcat said...

Glad you did comment further. This can't be ignored and I was told my friend went to his site and posted this letter. She is still very, very hurt!

What a scum bag this general is!!!

I'm hoping for a comment from her soon as she figures out how to log on. A new reader to blogs.

What a support group too full of good people and I bet we out number folks like this general and show better class.

Ok um what is class? Hey LOL this is my blog and I like to cuss and really show people that I am angry! When stuff like this happens!

Thanks griper

Mike H. said...

DagneyT, did you notice how he was trying to argue for censorship while complaining about Rush et al. trying to censor him and his cohorts? The guy who was interviewing couldn't let that pass and shouldn't have either. I haven't liked that slimy worm since I first heard of him. I don't trust generals who run for elective office.

Mike's America said...

Griper: I was looking for a good resource on all the slams Dems have made about our troops over the years and couldn't find one.

I did this post a few days ago that lists some of the recent s#$t they've said:

The Griper said...


yes, i noticed that post and couldn't help but grin as i remembered my comment here. thanks.

The Griper said...

mike h,

"I don't trust generals who run for elective office."

Considering that nearly one-fourth of all of our presidents have been generals, what do you have against them?

dcat said...

I am not saying anything bad about "all generals".

Clark is a nut!