Sunday, September 23, 2007

Iranian THUG Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


Oh happy autumn to everyone except for that fool Ahmadinejad! May his feet burn when he sets foot on our land! May he have such a head ach that will cause him to fall to the ground and die!

Look what I just saw at LGF! "Several Arabic-speaking readers have emailed to let me know that the slogan in Arabic script, Down with USA/Israel," actually says "DEATH to USA/Israel.

Michelle had this to say: TAKE YOUR WREATH AND SHOVE IT!

Here Michelle let me finish that for you: “Ahmadinejad You can take that wreath and shove it UP YOUR ASS!!! It’s probably so full of shit already it probably won’t fit!!! We are all onto you and may you have a horrible flight!

I hope our fighter jets take him out by accident maybe ;)


The Griper said...

heck, let him in. remember, Kruschev was at the UN once too. and remember what he did with his hsu. (pun intended.)

Mike H. said...

dcat, what do you mean accidently, I hope they do it full bore and with malice aforethought. There I've outed myself as a warmonger. ;)

dcat said...

Mike H,
Accidentally on purpose I meant!

You don’t know how happy you made me! I thought I was being too harsh again ;D

Mike's America said...

I hear Ahmadjihad has hired Hsu to raise money.

He's decided that since his views are so in line with most Democrat primary voters he might just as well run for President here too.

But he'll have to drop the "death to America" slogan. That might not go over too well.

On second thought, most lefties would think that is just fine.

dcat said...

Yeah Mike it makes them all warm and cozy inside!

Talk about lefties that hate their home land so much! SHEESH!

It would be tough love if we made em all go live with that tyrant!

They would all cry and have tantrums just to get back to good ole USA! This is what some of them need!!!