Monday, September 10, 2007

911! What? Me Forget!?! NEVER!!!

You have pissed us off! Not scared us so get that straight!

Oh yes during the Clinton administration this is what was planed and happened right after Bush took office! I remember what Clinton said: “I told you about …)

We are not going to get fooled again and we don’t need a Ron Paul in office or dumb idiot followers of the far left to hold us back! Oh but only a hand full. Fox news sure chewed Ron Paul up and spit him out fast!

Ron Paul sounds like a, gosh darn hair dresser that I went to once at a solon. He missed his calling! He could be making big bucks cutting Clintons and Edwards’s hair! On the other hand can he even be trusted with scissors?

One from my country! (The normal people that agree of course)

One from me!

Get ready because we are on watch and will take your sorry little nothing ass out!!! Try something stupid and the Middle East gets turned into one kitty litter box!

Bottom line: Al Qaeda doesn’t care about human life!

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