Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anti Jihad Federation

The link to this release is: UAC Reports: Massive Federation Forms to Confront Radical Islam

Massive Federation Forms to Confront Radical IslamTuesday September 11, 3:20 pm ETWASHINGTON DC, Sept. 11 /PRNewswire/ --

Today on the anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks, a massive federation to combat radical Islam has been officially declared. The Anti-Jihad Federation, as it is being called, is coming to be the name known for any and every organization involved in confronting the threat from Islamic Jihadists. Leading Federation organizers are stressing that the Anti-Jihad Federation is a non-entity, has no charter, and is not an organization or group, but is comprised of any and all organizations and groups resisting the Jihadist threat which faces the West. Although there are many organizations involved in confronting the Jihad, and each have varying views, beliefs, and methods, the Federation is being called a uniting movement with the hopes to add and aid cohesion and communication between organizations currently working to defeat Jihadi threats and supporters. It is being said by many that the establishment of the Federation demonstrates the importance of unity against such threats.

Leading elements within the Federation include many organizations which take part in grassroots activism to confront the threat from radical Islam and to protect the Western world for generations to come. There are many organizations around the globe who are actively involved in confronting Jihad; such organizations include JihadWatch, United American Committee, Vigilant Freedom Group, American Congress for Truth, America's Truth Forum, as well as hundreds of other organizations which are constantly growing as the powerful movement against radical Islam builds. Such organizations comprise an integral part of the growing Federation against the enemies of the Western world. The Federation also includes individuals spanning all ages, ethnicities, religions, and countries, who may not be affiliated with any organization yet who are united in opposing Jihadists.

Though not every organization may be right for everyone, everyone who is against Jihad can find the organization that is right for them through the Federation. Such research can be conducted through the website Federation Movement which lists various organizations involved in the Anti-Jihad Federation. This site also offers resources for individuals wishing to participate in protecting this generation, and the future from Islamic totalitarianism for generations to come.


Mike H. said...

Been bookmarked. I like the list of groups, sounds solid.

dcat said...

That they are Mike H.