Saturday, September 22, 2007


Columbia students organize

We don’t need to hear the thug! Most of us already know all about him and the groups here!!! UGH!!!

Ok everyone listen up…
You need to see the link my Iranian friend sent me… . May I remind you all she is a dear friend of mine she is an Iranian that is struggling to stay here and never go back or bring any part of the sick culture she left behind “is how she put it” here! She feels that the fools with their sick “religion of peace should just move back to Iran and take some so called Americans that believe CAIR with them!

My Iranian friend paid me a visit at work with a hug that was stronger then a bear hug. She asked me to do something! Don’t let the killer thugs into this country!!! DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN!!!

“Ok I guess I will have to conjure up a spell of some sort there my Iranian friend.”

It’s not like I have that kind of power but the power of good people will prevail and justice will prevail. I told her that the sick loons will have no power here and that it will go nowhere fast. I believe this and I hold true to that fact! Americans ‘I don’t care if they are democrat or republican will not allow this to happen! The ones that do are the ones that are from there and live here or just don’t understand much.

“There are exceptions like folks such as my Iranian friend of course.” They fled that tyrant and don’t want nothing to do with that way of life ever again! Its back ass and medieval! By the way my Iranian friend said this.

Read what she sent me:
Damn CAIR.
Read this article.

Love you from bottom of my heart

“Damn CAIR”. That is what she thinks of the organization. Yes I do believe her because I have put her threw some tests without her realizing it and she passed. Her eyes don’t lie.

Ok does anyone want to join me for the dinner coming up by CAIR? This will be in Kirkland. Or for those in Bellevue I will do both. Ok now people the ball is in your court I will wait for a comment or a sign up sheet from you and we will organize. My Iranian friend said this would be a good thing for us to do. To show them! She is still afraid because she isn’t an American citizen yet. If she was to go back to Iran she would be arrested.
About that dinner… *Click Here for Story and info.* or email me if interested.

Michelle Malkin really does a great job!


Mike's America said...

I'm just wondering how Code Pink and International ANSWER, the anti-war groups, are going to protest against this Iranian monster.

Surely, they will get reserved seats at the U.N. and at Columbia just as they do at Congressional hearings right?

I'll be looking for all the "peace" activists that protest against the U.S. to see how they protest against a REAL warmonger.

dcat said...

Gosh don't I know it Mike!

I wish I was the kind to call in sick for work tomorrow just to stay tuned. However people count on me. (I don't like being sick so I guess why bring it on.)

I'll just have to depend on folks like hot air, power line and you to keep me posted.

Makes me wonder if he will just snap his fingers and jihad will happen.

The Griper said...

read that article your friend gave ya. and from the pictures one can almost see and understand why they prefer death over life.

dcat said...

The sad sacks dwell on misery!