Saturday, September 15, 2007

CAIR to Try and Schmooze Locals and Authorities

Somebody is always making stories up even in the PI. That is why it is a story. I don’t care CAIR what the hell you say or do! You aren’t going to weasel into our freedom of how things are done here in the USA. You are going to show by turning in your turncoats that are fighting us. That’s how you will be honored! There isn’t any other way I can think of!

Just in case the PI pulls the link above even in the PI. I thought I would share my favorites out of the article:

"I personally feel violated when they go through my car and my backpack," said Bukhari, a Muslim. "We're painted against these crazy, angry guys living on the fringe."

Oh and please kissing up to the border patrol?! Come on, we all are being violated! You think I enjoy getting put through the ringer of a long wait because of your family members that went jihad on us!? Oh don’t you remember the ones caught at our borders with explosives on the way to LAX? You people just like the loony left here in the USA need reminding all the F***ing time! The border patrol will not be going easy on you or me no matter how many dinners you serve! THANK GOD!!!

Here is another part of the article that stung me like a bee:

“Bukhari's sentiments come at a time of growing fear in the community of Arab-Americans, Muslim-Americans and people of South Asian heritage. That fear was stoked even more last month when federal authorities released photographs of two men, apparently of Middle Eastern descent, who authorities said were acting suspiciously aboard Washington State Ferries.”

“Now members of the community are fighting back -- with politeness.”

SO WILL, I CAIR! Others will too! We will still be assessing you!

Fear is not an option! It is being cautious with people around you. It’s called being aware of ones surroundings. SO DON’T CALL IT FEAR! It’s you people that have fear! Maybe even paranoia. There is medication for that if you need it! What you are doing is called conditioning. Why I found that the enemies will even drink a beer with you as long as you can take someone down according to the writings of Allah in the Koran. Robert Spencer can interpret just about as well as you people can. I have been reading the Koran. I don’t like what I am reading and I am not influenced by cults. Thanks, be to GOD!

You will serve the dinners the FBI will say thank you very much and it will be business as usual. Oh and watch your back because they will be watching you all that much more! You can count on that! Not a threat but a promise to keep us safe from the extremist amongst you CAIR. I’m sure you have very nice people in your group and you probably have some nastier ones too. I will stay alert to that fact and so will many, many good American citizens. I’m always on watch and I am enjoying life in the freedom lane.


So CAIR thanks but no thanks! Here go to the article on this dude! We will stay on watch CAIR!

I just had to post this twice just for you CAIR!


atheling2 said...

No thanks, I'd rather stay home and eat dirt. Not into goat, not into halal meat. I'd be afraid of poisoning as well.

I will not submit. I will not accept their way of life and I will nto accept Sharia Law.

Islam is evil. It degrades women, it muzzles free speech, it enslaves people, it murders dissenters.

Islam Delenda Est!

dcat said...

I'll eat my pork chops with apple sause and have my steak with wine!

Tonight it is spaghetti with meat sause. Red wine of coarse!

Heh thanks atheling2!

Mike H. said...

I'm not happy about this but the progs are as blind to their fate as the Jews were in the beginning of WWII. To go through Krystal Nacht and still stay in the area was a mistake that proved fatal. The progs are trying to set us up for a repeat.

Not. Good.

Chip's Church Chat said...

I will not forget 9-11. Say noy to Islam; not a religion of peace.

dcat said...

It's "NO" Chip,

Just say "NO" to the stupid little thugs!