Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bad Opus! Bad! Heh Here is Truth! Nope not for me!!! I like to go bare ass!


The Griper said...

oh, for once i agree with the opposition based on what he said this time. The media does have the right to edit just as you do in this blog or i do in mine. where i get off the wagon is when msm and men like him don't apply it consistantly across the board in regards to all religions.

what gets me is the fact it is seen as a religious issue when it could also be seen as a woman's rights issue or an equality issue. it would appear that these news media do not believe in the "equal treatment" of all persons anymore.

dcat said...

That is why I keep on doing what I’m doing just to piss em all off!

It’s my right and as long as we have that I don’t make no never mind. I will not be told what I can wear by a male beach ape or religion of some humanoid! If he can’t keep it down it’s his own damn problem not mine!

As for religion I look at it as a cult and it has nothing to do with God so I am free to frolic any damn way I please! I don’t need to answer to no one on this planet!

I take pride in what I do everyday that is get up say a little prayer and enjoy the life I have and no one but no one can take that from me! I will not allow it!