Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A, Hunting We Will GO!

The MQ-9


This is a good thing!

I know why they took a six month vacation! ;)They can halt all they want to! But we will be there when they are back at it!


The Griper said...

thumbs up on technology.

as for denial of age you don't need to. your beauty will distract any guy from wondering as he smiles.

dcat said...

Oh yeah Griper,
Technology is great!

;) as always

Mike's America said...

I hope they build enough of those new Reapers to bring all the Predators back here to help watch the border.

And that story about the Mahdi Army throwing in the towel is great. I'll have to toss that one at my moonbat KKK Ken. He loves all our enemies.

dcat said...

There be no moonbats here unless I say so :)

Ken sounds like one of them! Report his little but to the authorities!

Indigo Red said...

I like the name - Reaper, as in Grim. It packs quite a payload of death at very little cost. Good on the good guys.

And it looks good, too.

Mike H. said...

That AFP stringer is so full of BS that it's coming out of his ears. He needs to get some earplugs so he can get his eyes back to their normal color of brown.