Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Suspicious Ferry Passengers

GP 's comment section in denial of Seattle facing threat! Hey Gateway not all of us are wimps here!


Mike H. said...

The one guy looks sorta pissed off. I would have clowned around, maybe.

dcat said...

That is what you get when you are that full of hate!!!

Every picture tells a story don't it!

dcat said...

You know Mike H,

At sound politics there is a fella posing as you.

I think Chris from Seattle is back and I already had to delete it!

I forgot to mention this fine post...

Fine post

That is just in case folks are too dumb and are still skeered!

Mike H. said...

Actually he's been at Sound Politics for a long time. There's another Mike H. at a New Zealand blog too.

Actually, if the truth be known, I'm so popular that I had to clone myself so there was enough of me to go around. :D

dcat said...

Yeah Mike H :D :D :D