Friday, August 17, 2007


Pat, don’t listen to the little shit below! He is just that and did you notice the flag! Warren was worked over by the liberals here and so there you are! Bob’s your uncle!

Update 8/18/07 Oh this one is priceless too: "Political correct jack asses... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA I loved this one to Berkley! Take that!

:o Like hell they are going to take my wine and beer!!!

Warren you looser I bet your one of them aren't you!!! YOU LIVE HERE WARREN! Liberal schools and the dummying down of people like yourself! Why I bet you even supported them with taking haroin!

Thank you Shrekhead well said indeed! I see you have the British flag so that says to me you are there and you know better then this snot nosed Warren on the subject living in the US! Most of the Warrens do talk out their ass! I noticed the age difference as well. Huh!

I know what is going on and I do live in the USA! The technique of the school of Warrens will not work on me!


Joanne said...

Looks to me like the Brits and Dutch have just about had enough with the Muslims and those running their countries. As for the young fellow on the video, I guess young women don't get pregnant out of wedlock - who the hell wants to get stoned to death or killed by their relatives and friends.....not that I'm for teenage pregnancies or such, but screwing up certainly is lethal in Islam.

dcat said...

Yeah Joanne,

It is about damn time!

As for the young snot if you double click on any of these videos it will take you to the original live leak section and you will see that the little crap head is from the states!

Oh and don’t forget about taking off the hijib thing or your family member will have to kill you. Oh and take that gosh darn make-up off too!

The list goes on and on... It's what ever is up their ass at the time then you are toast! And they say men don't suffer from menopause!!! HA!!! Tell me another joke!

dcat said...

Political correct jack asses BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Loved this one to Berkley

Indigo Red said...

Many people across Europe have had their fill of Islam and Muslims. One politician in Denmark introduced a bill to outlaw Islam all together. Good for him. It won't go any place, of course, but he's on the right track.

Pat is a remarkable fellow. Who is he, what's he done to come to this sane place he and we find him?

Shrekhead is kind of crude, but an upright man with a good basic head on his shoulders who would like to keep it there.

The youngster, Warren, has apparently confused his stonings. To get stoned in the basement is not what the Muslims are advocating at all, child. I hate to break it to you, but the tolerant liberal types, like you, will be amongst the first killed by your friendly Muslim neighbors. You see, Warren, Muslims are forbidden to have kafir friends like you. Either they kill you or their Mosque mates kill them. Not a hard choice, I think.

dcat said...


He just might get the idea if it's smart enough!

Pat is a remarkable fellow.

I found him on youtube and then bg had him after I posted on him at Mike H's place and if you go to hot air they had him today!? Go figure? It's a sign! :D

Marzouq the Redneck Muslim said...


Good to see you posting!

Please see my posts on the Nederlander RC Bishop on The Belmont Club.

Salaam eleikum ladies!

dcat said...


You know how I feel about the guy right Joanne!

dcat said...

Hey the redneck CRAZY muslim

I beat you too it Joanne. ;)

Crazy you should have never droped that from your intro it fits you!

I went to the Belmont you wack job you!...

It is easy to look to the past for Islamic assholes!

The future is fighting a religion of hate and not peace!!!

That is obvious crazy muslim