Sunday, August 12, 2007

We Need Team Players!

Yeah, I think he is right however I don’t want it to happen! I believe it will unfortunately because the Islamic fascist Middle East Loons are not going away till we take every last one off of this planet! What we need are team players! Not sympathizers! I would think that the people of this great country can be team players!

Yesterday there was a threat of a dirty bomb! The blogs were alive with the sound of a possible attack. Glad to see that they took it seriously and every little, chatter should step up the beat!

Let’s not have the lame blame game when it does happen, folks. Let’s just pull together and whoop their asses! No it’s not Bush’s fault! It’s our life style’s fault! Our freedom and what we have!

Those loons didn’t win last time in war and they will fail this time! That is war and we need to keep it up and help the people under such horrible conditions! BTW: I heard that the democrats really don’t intend on leaving Iraq. HEH! Oh yes it will take years!


Omar this may be too deep for some to grasp...
First Arab countries fear that Iran would control much of Iraq and they have come to realize that the only way to prevent this from happening is by allowing Iraq to become a stable state with which they can build good relations. Second their relations with America are already much better than Iran's which is seen as a common threat to them and to Iraq's stability. Add this to recent pledges with military aid in the billions and-I assume-guarantees that democracy in Iraq is not going to be a threat to their interests and we have a good package of incentives and disincentives.This must have convinced them that they will lose if they keep putting their money on the insurgency as a way to stop the Iranian expansion.This doesn't mean Saudi Arabia is doing all they can. After all it's the ideology they teach in their schools and mosques that keeps breeding terrorism and until they do something about that Saudi Arabia will always be responsible for creating new generations of terrorists who could strike in Iraq and elsewhere.


Mike H. said...

It was going to take years the first time the President talked about it. The only reason the message was garbled was because the Defeatocrats tried to get into the conversation. Cowards that they are.

dcat said...

That’s right Mike H!

And don’t let anyone forget that fact!

Mike H. said...

Ok, I won't, ummmmm, what was it I was supposed to remember? Oh...Yeah....Milk! That's what that string is on my finger. :D

dcat said...


The Griper said...

": I heard that the democrats really don’t intend on leaving Iraq. HEH! Oh yes it will take years!"

what is funny is that it seems that this is a new revelation to the democrats. but isn't what they are saying now nothing but a variation of the theme Bush has been advocating all along of "staying the course"?

it is also an admission that the democrats never did have a valid alternative plan and that they were only playing politics with the war.

if there be a bright spot in this it would be that it is a clear declaration to the insurgents that they no longer have an ally in Congress anymore.

Mike H. said...

Well griper, I think that the terrorists still have allies in congress, but they're going quiet because it's finally showing up on their radar screens as a bad spot to position themselves in. They're still playing politics and they're still running for the power spot.

Mike H. said...

Darn, I forgot to say that it's taqyyia from the democrats.