Sunday, August 19, 2007

She Called for the Sake of Freedom!

Seen @ Mike's America


Mike's America said...

AMEN! This guy nails it!

We're not black or white, Republicans or Democrats.

WE ARE AMERICANS! And we aren't going to be defeated by a bunch of ragheads.

dcat said...

You got that right Mike!

Watch out for the Marxists to come out in droves! UGH!

dcat said...

I see the wack jobs already edited Karl Marx at Wikipedia!

Did I tell you how I can't stand Socialist! That would be the peacenik people that have no clue! I refuse to have them spew here!

The Soviet Union collapsed! So you see, people that is not the way to go!

Mike's America said...

I'm not a big fan of socialists either.

That loser at Sparks from the Anvil is a socialist, though he refuses to admit it.

Mike H. said...

Hey Mike I think that I might talk to wordsmith about letting the infestation into the comments section. I might be tempted to find the physical location of that KEvron POS and pay a visit. Most of that stuff was uncalled for.

I went over to see the original post dcat.

dcat said...

Good for you Mike H!

I think I was called to duty by Mike so it's ok you all know me and yes it was nessesary the sniviling little bugger needed to be told! His mom never did!

I'm getting fed up with dans warrens and who ever else is out there! I hate terrorists and their supporters and I'll be damn if I will hold back! If anyone has a problem with that then the hell with them all!!!

Indigo Red said...

Not all Democrats are Americans. Some are Liberals and others are Socialists. The honest ones are Communists (only because they'll admit to it) and the rest are just plain stupid.

But if one does not subscribe to the principles which makes a body an American, one cannot be an American no matter how many times one is born within these borders.

As for the good warrior, he's got his head on straight. I don't see anything other than an American doing what Americans do best. In his case, taking a horrid music style and making something beautiful with it; sow's ear to silk purse.

Mike H. said...

We'll either have to convince the opposition that they're in danger or set them on the side line till we finish the job on the enemy. It won't work fighting both groups at the same time.