Saturday, August 04, 2007

Robert Spencer dares The Council on American –Islamic Relations - CAIR So now for the reality… IT’S CALLED BILL OF RIGHTS ‘cair


Well Robert looks like CAIR is working overtime with lies come backs... GOOGLE

And More on GOOGLE Oh they are working sooo damn hard now! Hehehehe
Now I know I can't trust them!

I loved the speech!

YES FUCKING REAL! As one student yelled out! HEHEHEHEHEHE

The Speech

If the video gives you problems then let it play out and move the bar to start again while it finishes downloading. It's a high volume show is why the poor quality and that is a good thing!

Terrorists do want us divided!
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Mike's America said...

Membership in the Council of Arab Islamic Radicals has dropped by 90% since 9/11. They're down to 1,700 paid members.

And now, they are using lawyers who work for the Democrats to sue ordinary Americans?

Do what the Young Americans for Freedom did and tell them to "go to hell and take their 72 virgins with them."

They represent about as many of the 7 million Muslims in the U.S. as the National Organization for Women (another Democrat front group) does women.,

dcat said...

I always felt that! I also got slamed by: "Oh not everyone that is a muslim."

Yeah right tell it to the judge!

I saw the site before they went and changed some of their shit!

We are on to them like flies on shit! Them being the shit!

Marzouq the Redneck Muslim said...

Yes, some of them are. Keep it up Fly Girl!

It would be interesting to know their sources of funding. Jimmy Carter writes a pro "palestinian" book and rumor has it Saudi (Wahabbi)money is pouring into the Carter Center.

Salaam eleikum

dcat said...

Well, well, well if it isn't my ole pal crazy!

Hey crazy go on spit it out... Yes, some of them are?

Are what crazy muslim?

You dropped the crazy in your intro!? Now if you only dropped that shit salaam eleikum religion your with we just may get along!

It is apparent to me that soon as we leave the ME people will just go back to their Neanderthal existence!

Isn't that right crazy muslim!

Notice I am telling you not asking! You really need deprogramming and now!

Islam will eat away what little of your brain you have! Then you too will want that power of control of killing and mayhem!

Islam wants women in the USA to be forced to ware those rags from head to toe! Just to keep men like you from ejaculating! I know that is what it leads to! It’s like that first date gone bad!

Islam has no discipline that is why it wants control!

Indigo Red said...

Not much of challenge when we all know CAIR won't show-up.

I must write about the 72 Virgins vs. 72 Raisons one of these days. There is some some debate about which it really is.

Oh, dcat, there is a very good reason for wearing the head to toe rags - it makes dusting so much easier. Those clever Muslims!

Mike H. said...

I believe that the Wahabbi are the major funding source. We see that CAIR has had two of their employees convicted for money laundering. We see CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial. It also appears that the UAE is also funding CAIR. BTW, I believe that CAIR only has 1700 national members, it's hard to make up an adequate cash flow from that small a base.

dcat said...


When I do dust I use those pre greased rags and throw them away!

Don't forget the head to toe fact they smuggle themselves in them! The men really like to dress in drag! It turns them on don't you know!

dcat said...

Mike H,

Funny how they try and make the site holier then thou! Oh la te da they do so many wonderful things...NOT!

Only for their interest and theirs alone!

Joanne said...

I was looking at some young Muslim women with the head scarves on, and I saw a darker complexioned man sneeking a look at one, and I realized that these unmarried Muslim women are all virgins. I never really thought about it before until I saw that young man checking them out.

I remember when I was a teenager, and dumb teenage boys would remark when they saw a pregnant woman, "OOOh, she's had sex." Now, I'm thinking this dark man, Muslim, I'm sure, is saying to himself, "OOOh, she's a virgin."

Now, I'm finding it weird that these women are advertising that they are virgins. I don't know why, but this realization is weirding me out.

dcat said...


LOL I don’t have a clue what you are talking about? ;)

I was always one of the guys and they told me everything.

I married one of them only 23 years later when he never married. And I gave it up long ago never wanting that life style.

You have seen my pictures I was cutter back then so what is up with that?!? A tough young thing now an older wiser ole thing I guess. Keep that thought it’s right on cue Joanne. :D :D :D

Yeah I hear ya girlfriend! ‘Heh…

dcat said...

Love this tune

Mountians have that way about them! ;)

The Griper said...

good mornin' all,
Washington Post reveals the source of Allah's 72 virgins. Link can be found thru this blog.

dcat said...

Thanks Griper! :)

dcat said...

It's this link Griper ya forgot the www part :)

dcat said...

I was asked to see a movie and I didn’t last long when they started the little antics of injustice for the ME:

“syriana” Oh yeah a worthless movie! America is bad basically and the Arabs have every right to attack! NOT!!!

The jihad terrorists are a FUCKED up in the head culture and they only know terror! Hence 9-11! We were engaged in the past and they didn’t know how to fight then and now they want to come back at us in their little cowardice fashion!!! Wait till our back is turned! WHAT CANDY ASSES and SO ARE THE HOLLYWOOD LIBERALS!

There Gwenn that said it all and here is my answer to the asswipe Hollywood idiots!