Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How Terror Grows at Home

We need more of these whistle blowers!

Click here for the article Ok I can count on Jihad watch!

Seattle loons and a few others need to look at this with eyes wide open! It’s in the works and yeah in your back yard! It’s going to take John Doe’s to take them down!
I do believe we have our work cut out for us! Stay vigilant! If you see something report, report; report it just like what these people did 'yes "in Washington State!"


Mike H. said...

Why are we talking on the last thread? Don't we want to keep up with the times?

Wait...I'm talking chronological time here....Not New York Times.

Keeping up with the New York Times is to be going backwards to time. Heh heh.

dcat said...

NY Why?

We have the seattle times and the liberal ass PI!

Mike H. said...

They're taking a beating from the rest of the country! Heh. Both of them.

dcat said...

And they rightly should!

dcat said...

Let's piss a few more off shall we! If they come here that is my aim! No apology for THUGS!

Indigo Red said...

I was in the apartment rental office a couple summers ago. Two middle eastern men came in asking about apartments.

First, they were very abbraisive, abrupt, and disrepectful of the woman behind the desk. I didn't like them and shook my head 'no' when the rental agent looked at me. Neither of us wanted these two guys living here.

Secondly, they didn't want any ol' apartment. They wanted a second floor apt with balcony facing southwest. We didn't think anything of this as it is one of the things advertised. Later I realized the direction requested was directly under the landing pattern for the Orange County/John Wayne Airport.

When I realized the possibilities, I went back to the office to have the cops called. The rental agent had already thought the same thing and the cops were already aware of the pair.

I don't know what came of the case, but I now watch with different eyes. It's a scary world now and don't want to try to sleep through another silent night like 9/11.

dcat said...


Good on you! I feel the same way and nothing gets past my gut feeling. They are sleazy that is for damn sure!

Mike H. said...

We're starting to come around to the right way of thinking.

dcat said...

Yeah and it's about damn time too!

Shit it's almost too late!